A deep technology originating from academic research

Our technology

"Optical effect" coatings based on self-organizing organic dyes

The technology developed by AURESSENS makes it possible to produce coatings with the reflective appearance of metal, while being made up solely of organic material.

The dyes used in these coatings belong to families of innovative molecules that, depending on their nature, provide access to numerous optical effects.

The particularity of these dyes is their ability to self-organize after their deposition on surface to form a pigmentary material displaying the appearance of metal, in particular that of gold.

Self organizing organic dyes

The gold aspect, one of the most popular effects in the luxury world, and many new effects

Mirror effect - Auressens organic luster pigments

Mirror effect

Glitter effect - Auressens luster pigments

Glitter effect

Dichroic or iridescent effect - Auressens organic luster pigments

Dichroic or iridescent effect

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Your benefits

Reduced costs and ease of implementation
for unique optical properties

Materials based on Smart pigments

Our organic materials with a reflective appearance are based on "smart" dyes, capable of self-organizing as a pigmentary material on the surface to obtain mirror or iridescent effects with great ease of use and implementation.

optical signature

AURESSENS "effect" pigments (and the materials they are made of) have a different optical signature from that of a metal. This unique signature belongs to a range of modulable and adaptable reflectivity from the UV to the IR through the visible.

Lightweight & no electrical conduction

Thanks to their lightweight, AURESSENS solutions are particularly adapted to mobile applications, while their absence of electrical conductivity allows new applications (low disturbance of electromagnetic waves, no EM shielding).

Simplification of industrial processes

AURESSENS solutions are designed to be automated and do not require dedicated, expensive and cumbersome equipment. This simplification of industrial processes is accompanied by a reduction in costs and a gain in productivity and space.

Reduction of energy consumption

From the production of the pigment to its implementation in the form of coatings, the energy-consuming heating steps and/or processes are avoided or limited, allowing real savings in terms of energy consumption.

Simplicity of

AURESSENS coatings can be applied by simple and usual methods, especially by spraying, and allow to obtain large decorations as well as fine inscriptions, on flat objects or more complex shapes.

And a minimal environmental impact!

A green, responsible and ethical technology:

The production of AURESSENS solutions is not based on the extraction of ores and machining of metal but on controlled processes promoting the use of eco-responsible synthetic methods (green chemistry).

Since AURESSENS technology does not require melting or machining of metal, its energy consumption is much lower than that of current solutions. The lightweight of the pigments, their local production and their simplicity of use further reduce the effect on global warming.

Whether for the production of pigments or their formulation, the R&D team works to promote the use of bio-based and non-toxic raw materials.

Since AURESSENS technology does not require the exploitation of a mineral or the extraction of a scarce resource, its water consumption is minimal and does not lead to the discharge of effluents polluted by toxic compounds.

As AURESSENS technology does not rely on an extractivist activity, it does not raise the ethical considerations related to the exploitation of metal or mica mines (currently used to access the glitter effect).

Since the AURESSENS technology does not require the exploitation of ores nor the extraction of scarce resources, its production of solid waste is minimal and its footprint on both the landscape and biodiversity is negligible.

To end up with the current externalities of the metallic pigment industry

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