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Our history

An experimental breakthrough serving grand ambitions

In 2014, while carrying out experiments as part of her thesis in molecular chemistry devoted to the design of new dyes, researcher Laurélie POULARD, made a discovery:

she identified a pigmentary material with unexpected optical behavior, since it displays a specular reflection of light (metal-like appearance & mirror effect).

This organized solid not being conductive of electricity (no plasmonic effect): was it then a new kind of organized materials referred to as “photonic crystals”? Neither…

This material does not present a periodic structuring of its dielectric medium, but a single air-dielectric interface.

It was in fact a meta-material, with no equivalent in nature, whose optical functioning is based on an excitonic principle.

The path was steep towards the explanation. This path was the fruit of a collaborative research in the framework of the TOR project (“Tunable Organic Reflectors”).

Together, the four researchers L. POULARD (Dr), G. DUPEYRE (Dr), V. MARVAUD (Director of Research at CNRS) and P. LAINÉ (Director of Research at CNRS) are the co-inventors of the technology and will become the co-founders of the startup AURESSENS.

Here are the main periods that mark the development of the TOR technology:

2013 - 2015
Thesis of L. POULARD under the direction of P. LAINÉ and with the supervision of G. DUPEYRE.
2013 - 2015
2016 - 2017
The TOR project-team is laureate of the Diderot Innovation Prize, science section (2016) and a pre-maturation of the project is undertaken. A first patent is filed. V. MARVAUD joins the team.
2016 - 2017
2017 - 2019
The project is entering a maturation phase with the support of the Société d'accélération du transfert de technologies (SATT) IDF INNOV. Several patents related to the families of molecules synthesized are filed, and concrete applications are proven, notably for the glass industry.
2017 - 2019
The TOR team takes part in the Start-up Factory program supported by SATT ERGANEO. The company AURESSENS is created in order to market its solutions to all industries concerned with making their decorative metallization processes eco-friendlier.
Our values

Sharing responsible innovation that meets your requirements

Auressens' values: innovation


Our multidisciplinary approach combines organic chemistry, materials chemistry and formulation, with physics and optics. It allows us to cultivate an acute capacity for innovation, which is put to the continuous benefit of our formulas and processes.

Auressens' values: Quality


We offer an alternative to metal in applications where its optical properties are paramount. We strive to meet the highest standards of our customers by offering reliable, easy-to-use and competitive products and solutions.


The reduction of the societal and environmental impact of our activities, as well as those of our customers, is at the heart of our approach. We aim to optimize the life cycles of our products as much as possible in order to contribute, at our level, to a more global transition in production methods.

Auressens' values: Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

We are resolutely supporting our customers to accompany them in the transformation of their processes. We put our ability to listen and adapt at their service in order to respond in a customized way to their highest requirements.

THE founders

A founding team with complementary profiles for a multidisciplinary approach

Management Team
PhD in Organic Chemistry / DU GBM: “Valorization of Research & Biomedical Innovation”
Project coordinator
PhD in Molecular Chemistry
Unveiling of the technology in 2014 | Technology Development
Scientific Board
Philippe LAINÉ
Philippe LAINÉ
PhD & CNRS Research Director: Molecular Chemistry & Physical Organic Chemistry |
Expertise in Dye & Photosensitizer Chemistry | Crystallogenesis
Valérie MARVAUD - Expertise en Chimie Inorganique & Magnétisme Moléculaire | Détermination de Structures Cristallines
PhD & CNRS Research Director: Coordination Chemistry, Interfaces & Methods / Risk Prevention
Expertise in Inorganic Chemistry & Molecular Magnetism | Crystal Structure Determination

An academic and French Tech ecosystem on our side

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